Jeyvier Cintrón And Jacobo García, Suspended From Exatlón Estados Unidos

Jeyvier Cintrón And Jacobo García Suspended

According to the driver of the competition, Frederik Oldenburg, the warning will last one week A week without stepping on the sands of Exatlón United States. That is the time that the Puerto Rican Jeyvier Cintrón and the Mexican Jacobo García will have to serve for “breach of contract.” “As you can see, Jeyvier Cintrón and Jacobo García are not in the … Read more

EXATLON 5 USA: Would Tommy Ramos Be Ready To Return?

Tommy Ramos EXATLON 5

The fiercest competition on the planet, Exatlón United States , returns to Telemundo in a big way with a new season that premieres on Tuesday, January 26. With more drama, euphoria, agony and excitement, 24 athletes arrive willing to give their all in a tough showdown to win more than a million dollars in prizes. … Read more