Lloyd Wilkinson, A Director of Fire Engineering at E-LAB Consulting, Died

Lloyd Wilkinson Dead

Sadly, it has been announced that Lloyd Wilkinson, the director of fire engineering at E-LAB Consulting in Mexico, passed away. Lloyd was a specialist in the fields of engineering and fire safety. His family and community are shocked after hearing the news of Lloyd’s death. He will be remembered for his constant commitment to making … Read more

Doriana Temolo, Director of Global National Television, Passed Away; What Happened to Her?

Doriana Temolo Dead

In the journalism industry, the name Doriana Temolo came on top; reporting news and creating stories with creative words were the passions of Doriana, she was the Director of the Canadian broadcasting industry, Global National Television. Doriana, who was a dedicated woman who devoted her life to journalism, unfortunately passed away; her death was confirmed … Read more

Joey Sagal, Executive Director of Maryland Transportation Authority, Passed Away

Joseph Sagal Dead

Joseph Sagal, a beloved member of the Pikesville Volunteer Fire Company and an executive director at the Maryland Transportation Authority, passed away at age 58. What happened to Joseph Sagal? The cause of his sudden death has not been disclosed yet, and the circumstances of the death will shared when the official news regarding the … Read more

Who Was Catherine Dunwoodie? Obituary, Cause of Death, Funeral

Catherine Dunwoodie dead

On November 20, 2022, Racheal Maley posted on social media that Catherine Dunwoodie of Ohio had tragically departed away unexpectedly on November 19, 2022, leaving her loved ones, family, and the entire community inconsolable and in mourning. The cause of her death is not mentioned in the report. Funeral plans will be revealed later. Following … Read more

Osamu Kobayashi, Director Of BECK, Dies At 57

Osamu Kobayashi Died

Osamu Kobayashi, a talented director who worked in series like BECK and Naruto, passed away on April 16, 2021, at age 57 after battling kidney cancer. According to reports in Japan, Kobayashi in the middle of his battle against the disease, and although plans for the funeral have not been made public, several fans have already paid him several … Read more