Step By Step: This Was The Brutal Attack Against Alfredito Olivas’s Family In Zapopan

Alfredo Olivas Brother died

Irving Olivas, his wife, and their one-year-old eight-month-old baby were shot while driving on a road in San Juan de Ocotán Irving Olivas, brother of the group singer Alfredito Olivas, was driving on Avenida Periférico in Zapopan, Jalisco, aboard a Cadillac, Escalade truck, around 11:30 this Saturday; He was traveling with his wife, daughter, and son … Read more

Alfredo Olivas Family Died: What Happened To Them?

Singer Alfredo Family Dies

The singer’s brother and his family were attacked when they were traveling in a truck through the Peripheral Ring; three dead and two injured, including a four-year-old girl Three members of a family were murdered this Saturday afternoon when they were traveling on the Periférico Poniente in the Metropolitan Area of ​​Guadalajara. Among the fatalities is a … Read more

Brother Of Singer Alfredo Olivas And His Family Are Killed In Zapopan

Alfredo Olivas Brother died

Around 12:00 hours this Saturday in Zapopan Jalisco, the brother of singer Alfredo Oliva was murdered along with his family. In Zapopan, Jalisco, Irving Olivas, brother of singer Alfredo Olivas, was assassinated, along with his wife and 2-year-old son, in a direct attack. only two people survived the attack The attack against the black Cadillac … Read more

Laureano Delgado, A Radio And Television Man, Died Of Covid

Laureano Delgado Died

The radio and television producer and gastronomic entrepreneur, Laureano Delgado, died this Friday after suffering complications from the coronavirus Venezuelan Laureano Delgado, radio and television producer and gastronomic entrepreneur, died this Friday after suffering complications from the coronavirus.  At noon, his wife reported that he was stable, although he would remain in the Intensive Care … Read more

British Choreographer Liam Scarlett Dies At 35

Liam Scarlett Dies

He was suspended from the company after being accused of sexual harassment British dancer and choreographer Liam Scarlett considered a star of the London Royal Ballet before being accused of sexual harassment, died suddenly this Saturday at the age of 35, according to his family in a statement that does not clarify the cause of death: “With great sadness … Read more

Conservative Senator Eduardo Enríquez Maya Dies

Eduardo Enríquez Maya Dies

Senator Eduardo Enríquez Maya, of the Colombian Conservative Party, died this Wednesday, according to that political group in a statement published on Twitter. “Today we say goodbye to a great conservative, defender like none of the doctrine and thought of our community,” wrote the group on the social network, thanking the senator for his service to … Read more

Mourning! Cartagena Actor Yorneis García Dies

Yorneis García Dies

Yorneis García, whom we saw in productions like ‘Los Morales’, ‘Diomedes, el cacique de La Junta’, died in Bogotá. Commotion in the acting guild and especially among Cartagena people who have managed to win a place on Colombian television. One of his colleagues and friends passed away unexpectedly, he is the talented Yorneis García, whom El … Read more

Barranquilla Singer Manuel ‘Many’ Pérez Dies Of Covid-19

Manuel Pérez Dies

Recently the artist was promoting a musical theme. The salsa singer Manuel ‘Many’ Pérez Guardo died this Wednesday at the age of 58 after registering complications associated with covid-19. The Barranquilla artist, remembered for the song ‘Color piel’, was promoting his most recent musical single that he released on April 7 in honor of the ‘Barranquilla Woman’. Víctor Buelvas, promoter of … Read more

Néstor Lópe’s Mother Dies From COVID-19

Nestor Ló's Mother Dies

Paraguayan singer Néstor López is in mourning. His mother died as a result of COVID-19. The vocalist of the Paraguayan band ‘Néstor Lo y los Caminantes’ is going through a difficult moment, with the departure of his mother, Doña Liza. From the official profiles on social networks of the group, they announced the sad news. “It … Read more

Luis Aurelio Vives, Father Of Singer Carlos Vives, Dies

Luis Aurelio Vives Died

The doctor  Luis Aurelio Vives Echeverría, father of the Samarian singer-songwriter  Carlos Vives Restrepo, died at his home in Santa Marta at the age of 91. The doctor and specialist in otorhinolaryngology, was a charismatic and well-loved man in the capital of Magdalena,  becoming a key person in the artistic and professional development,  not only of his son Carlos but … Read more