Chuy Almada Had A Difficult Health Problem. What Happened To The EXATLON EEUU Athlete


Among the many athletes who have participated in the different seasons of the Exatlon United States competition program, there are several faces that have been recorded among the fans of the Telemundo sports reality show. One of them is Chuy Almada, the Mexican coach who has taken for granted his commitment to the Exatlon United … Read more

Chuy Almada Receives An Important Incentive. What is it about?

Chuy Almada

Since the star sports reality of the Telemundo network, Exatlon United States, began broadcasting five seasons ago, we have met different men and women who have not only become role models for their admirable sports skills but have also been their inexhaustible charisma which has led them to become true stars in social networks, such … Read more