Painful Goodbye To Cepillín: Children Of The “Payasito De La Tele” Burst Into Tears Live In “Venga La Alegría”

Cepillín Died

Ricardo González Jr. and Roberto González were vulnerable to the situation that affects their family and all of Mexico Cepillín’s children know that the show must continue and they made it clear this morning when they reappeared on the Venga la Alegría program to talk about the legacy left by their father and how they plan to remember it … Read more

Cepillín Died, After Being Hospitalized, What Happened To Him?

Cepillín Died

The entertainment world wore mourning this Monday, after the death of Ricardo González Gutiérrez, better known to the Mexican and Latin public, as Cepillín. The sad news was revealed by the newspaper Milenio, where they reported that the 75-year-old artist died, after being hospitalized in Mexico City more than 10 days ago, due to serious problems in the spine, … Read more

Cepillín Died: How Did Mexican Clown Die?

Cepillín Died

This Monday morning Ricardo González,  Cepillín died at the age of 75, after being diagnosed with spinal cancer. It should be noted that this Sunday night, Ricardo González Jr , announced that his father ” Cepillín ” was detected cancer in the spine. In an interview with the media at a hospital in Ciudad Satélite, Cepi said that as a son he had not wanted … Read more

Clown Cepillín Is Hospitalized In The Emergency Room: What Happened To Him?

Clown Cepillín

Ricardo González Gutiérrez, better known in the artistic world as the clown Cepillín, was hospitalized in the emergency room this weekend, as revealed by the son of the beloved Mexican, through a video he shared on his social networks. Ricardo González, posted a small clip on his Instagram, captured in the same instant in which he arrived at the clinical … Read more