Three-year-old Boy Dies After Falling From The 10th Floor Of A Building; His Mother Left Him Alone

Three-year-old Boy Dies

A 3-year-old boy died after falling from the 10th floor of his home located in the Miraflores area, the incident occurred due to the carelessness of his mother, who left the infant alone for more than two hours after receiving a call. The departmental director of the Special Force to Fight Crime (FELCC) of La … Read more

New Photo In Which Juanito Looks Like Kimberly Loaiza’s Twin

Kimberly Loaiza baby boy

This photograph proves that Juanito is identical to Kimberly Loaiza when she was little Since it was announced that Kimberly Loaiza was pregnant for the second time, fans began to speculate if Juanito would be more like his mother, Juan De Dios, or his older sister, Kima. Now that YouTubers have posted multiple pictures of their … Read more

Texas: 11-year-old Boy Dies In Snowfall

11-year-old Boy Dies

The boy’s family assures that his death was due to the low temperatures in Texas; slept in a mobile home without power A child, 11 – year-old from Honduras, was killed by low temperatures that have caused the winter storms in Houston, Texas, United States. On February 16, during the morning, the Piñeda family woke up and realized that the boy, identified as Cristian, was … Read more