“I Live In Fear” Bárbara De Regil Breaks The Silence About Alleged Harassment

Bárbara De Regil Harassment

“Today I feel beaten by you Aries, I live in fear”: Bárbara de Regil breaks the silence about alleged harassment Honest and brave as she has always been, Bárbara de Regil once again faced the controversies that weigh against her, and through a forceful message to the nutritionist who accuses her of harassment, Aries Terrón, the actress … Read more

Who Is Aries Terrón: The Nutritionist Who Unleashed The Scandal With Bárbara De Regil’s Protein

Aries Terrón

Aries Terrón has gained notoriety lately for denouncing influencer, actress and model, Bárbara de Regil for fraud. The nutritionist revealed that the products that she promotes are not reliable and that contrary to what they promise, they can damage health. At the moment, these accusations have earned him threats. In a video that Aries uploaded to his YouTube … Read more