[Video] Ricky Stenhouse Jr Accident: What Happened To Him?

That’s the hot statement from Ricky Stenhouse Jr. Brad Keselowski was high profile this weekend at Daytona, but he didn’t just make friends with at least two crashes under his belt. Very efficient throughout the week, he was involved in several collisions during the Daytona 500.

Although he crossed the line in 9th place, the new driver of the Ford n°6 pointed to the front positions for a good part of the race. He is the one who led the most laps (67 laps). Unfortunately what many will remember from his performance on Sunday were his strong pushes. Keselowski was involved in two misguided stroller spins.

Two accidents after a Keselowski stroller

It was obviously the second incident at the end of the race that drew the most criticism, particularly from Ricky Stenhouse Jr. The latter’s race ended earlier than expected. Leader of the peloton during a restart on the 195th lap, he hit the wall after a big push from Keselowski.

“I had a really good position all day and felt like we were really pushing people at the right time. There were definitely places on the trail where you shouldn’t push or be pushed. Guess #6 (of Keselowski) found it several times today.

said Stenhouse Jr.

Keselowski’s first feat of arms took place on the 41st lap. The RFK pilot destabilized the race leader Harrison Burton with a big buggy. Burton lost control of his car and crashed into William Byron. The skirmish also knocked out Denny Hamlin, Alex Bowman, Kyle Busch, and others for the night.

“I guess he (Keselowski) just tried to destroy everyone on the track until he won. Kudos to him! You just can’t push out of a corner. He did it at turn 2 for the #21 (of Burton), then at turn 4 for me. Just in the wrong place. »

said Stenhouse.

Brad Keselowski disagrees with critics

Brad Keselowski has necessarily been questioned about his driving and he does not really seem to question his driving during the Daytona 500.

“Every time someone comes out there’s obviously someone being overly aggressive, but at the time that wasn’t the case… I was just pushing. We weren’t even quite in contact, so I feel like it was a good time to attack, but obviously, the results are different.

said Keselowski


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