Usain Bolt unveiled his daughter and went viral: what name did she give her? [PHOTO]

Ex-speedist Usain Bolt touched all of his Instagram followers . On that social network he introduced his first daughter . The eight-time winner of the gold medal at the Olympic Games and his girlfriend, Kasi Benett , baptized the little girl with a very particular name .

Olympia Lightning Bolt, that’s the name for the girl that the press and fans of her father nicknamed as ‘The daughter of the wind’. ‘Lightning Bolt’ ( Lightning Bolt ), that was his nickname when persona overwhelmed their competitors on the track. It will now be forever engraved on your daughter’s middle name.

The Jamaican took advantage of his partner’s birthday to offer his community of followers a photo album in which he boasts of the beauty of his primeval. The little girl came into the world on May 17 at Kingston’s Nuttall Hospital .

“I want to wish my girlfriend a happy birthday. I am lucky to spend this special day with you. I want nothing more than happiness for you and I will continue to do my best to continue putting a smile on your face. We have started a new chapter with our daughter Olympia Lightning Bolt . I am eager to know what the future holds for us, but be clear that I will be the rock for this family. I love you and happy 21st birthday, ” Bolt wrote .

Needless to say, the girl’s main name is also associated with the former athlete’s Olympic past. Throughout his career, Bolt collected eight medals at the Olympics in addition to the eleven world titles he conquered.

Bolt’s announcement was taken by surprise by the athletic press . Since his professional retirement, after the 2017 World Cup in London , the athlete has chosen to preserve his privacy and that of his loved ones as much as possible.

The joy of being a father for the first time overwhelmed him. The media in their country assure that the couple plans to go in search of their second child.


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