Uruguayan Soccer Player Robert Lima Dies At 48

It is about Robert ‘Bola’ Lima, idol of Peñarol, who this Friday would have turned 49 years old. He also played in Chacarita (Argentina) and Sporting Cristal (Peru).

Uruguayan soccer is mourning the sudden death of Robert ‘Bola’ Lima on Thursday night. Lima was one of the members of the ‘second quinquennium’ (champions 5 times in a row) of Peñarol (1993-1997).

The one who was a defender for Peñarol, Argentine Chacarita Juniors, Honduran Olimpia and Peruvian Sporting Cristal, among others, died of a heart attack while playing a soccer game with friends, without being able to be revived .

According to the local press, the wake will take place this Friday at the Champion of the Century, the stadium where Peñarol plays his home games .

The Uruguayan Football Association (AUF) decreed “a minute of silence” for the matches of the sixth day of the Apertura Tournament that must be played between now and Sunday (this Thursday the Plaza Colonia-Liverpool was already played). ” Our condolences to his family, friends and Club Atlético Peñarol, a team of which he was a reference, ” he spread on his networks.

“The Club Atlético Peñarol deeply regrets the death of Robert ‘Bola’ Lima, Uruguayan champion and figure of the five-year period. Goodbye ‘Bola’ ”, published the official account of the Aurinegro club on Twitter.

Also, the National Party (PN, center-right), a formation in which he began to be a member of the military in the 1990s, posted a message on that social network about “the sensitive death of comrade Robert ‘Bola’ Lima”.

Lima made his debut for Peñarol in 1993, the year in which he won the Uruguayan Championship, which would mark the beginning of the club’s second five-year period ー after that achieved between 1958 and 1962 ー and became an iconic figure.

Then he played for the Argentine Chacarita Juniors, the Honduran Olimpia, and the Peruvian Sporting Cristal, tried his luck with the Chinese Harbin Lange and Shanghai Huicheng and returned permanently to Uruguay , where he played for Liverpool, Durazno, and Cerro Largo before retiring in 2008. .

After leaving the pitch, he began his role as a coach, in which, among other jobs, he was in charge of the lower divisions of Peñarol. In addition, he participated in television programs, such as Masterchef , and participated in the 2019 elections under the list ‘La barra carbonera’, in reference to the club of his loves.

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