Sports Businessman José Tamariz Dies Of Complications From COVID-19

Sports entrepreneur José N. Tamariz Cerda died this Saturday, at the age of 82, due to health complications caused by the coronavirus.

Tamariz was a famous promoter of boxing and professional wrestling in the country during the decade of the 70s, through his company Espectáculos Deportivos Tamariz, in addition to having been the owner of the Tamariz horse stable, winner of the famous Equestrian Classic Las Americas during that same time.

In addition, he was a member of the Equestrian Committee of the Dominican Sports Pavilion of Fame, and contributed to subsequent generations of the equestrian field through the publication of his work entitled “Golden Age of Dominican Horse Riding.”

He also ran his modest “Lala Pharmacy”, one of the oldest in the capital that still provides services.

His social work was appreciated in populous sectors such as Villa María, Mejoramiento Social, and María Auxiliadora, where many residents considered him a community leader.

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