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Simiso Buthelezi died at just 24 years old. This South African boxer, who participated in a fight for the national champion’s belt in the lightweight category, suffered a terrible knockout in the last round. Explanations.

The image is terrible and its consequences appalling. Last weekend, what was supposed to be a major sporting event for South African boxing, unfortunately, ended in tragedy. The two national title contenders in the lightweight division had ten rounds to decide. Siphesihle Mntungwa, in his red shorts, and Simiso Buthelezi, in his white shorts, went blow for blow during almost the entire meeting. But on the final round, when the second-named seemed to gain the upper hand as he cornered his opponent into the ropes, he received a quick left hook to the chin. At the time, the shock did not stop him. But a few seconds later, he found himself totally disoriented and started boxing alone, in a vacuum, in an angle of the ring.

Boxer Simiso Buthelezi dies 48 hours after entering hospital

The referee quickly took the measure of what was happening and stopped the fight, so that the medical staff could take care of Simiso Buthelezi quickly. He reportedly ended up collapsing following this technical knockout and was rushed to hospital in Durban. The WBF (World Boxing Association) has before decided to postpone the presentation of the belt to Siphesihle Mntungwa, the state of health of the injured not allowing him to attend. But things went from bad to worse. After several days spent in a coma, the TMZ media, which was in contact with the coach of the young 24-year-old athlete, announced that Simiso Buthelezi was dead on Tuesday evening, June 7.

The responsibility of the arbitrator should not be engaged

The boxer, undefeated until then, died of brain damage and internal bleeding, without it being possible to say when, where, and how this serious anomaly occurred. The South African Boxing Academy said Simiso Buthelezi received “the best possible care” in the hospital before succumbing to his injury. An investigation has been opened to clarify the exact causes and circumstances of this sudden death which plunges the world of sport into mourning. The responsibility of the referee should not be questioned, as confirmed by David Abbasi, doctor on the boxing rings, with TMZ .”The right move (…) is to immediately send this fighter to the hospital to pass a scan of the head, to make sure that there is not something serious that could put his life in danger. danger like a brain bleed,” he said.

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