Paul Westphal Died: How Did Hall Of Fame Member Die?

Died at age 70 victim of cancer

Paul Westphal , 70 years old and a member of the Hall of Fame, has just died in Phoenix as a result of a brain tumor, which was diagnosed in August 2020. Historic of the Suns, where he played his best years, he was champion with the Celtics (1974) and played the All Star Game five times .

Westphal was chosen by Boston in the 1973 draft and the following year he would conquer the ring. In his third season he was traded to the Suns , where he became a star. He came to integrate in three seasons the ideal quintet of the championship.

Later, the former forward developed a successful career on the bench as well, especially at the helm of the Suns , whom he led to the Finals in 1992 , losing 4-2 to the Jordan Bulls. He also managed the Sonics one season and three more to the Kings.

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