Mookie Betts and Dodgers close to multi-year deal

The Los Angeles ninth is about to cash in – and pay – big one of the riskiest bets of recent years in the big leagues.

When the Los Angeles Dodgers sent three of their top prospects to Boston in exchange for a year’s rent for the services of Mookie Betts , they did so in hopes of convincing the star slugger that Hollywood was the right place for him.

Today, six months after her arrival and a few days after Betts’ official debut with the Dodgers, the ninth angelina is about to cash in on her risky bet, as according to an ESPN report on Wednesday, both sides are very close to finalize a multi-year agreement.

It won’t be cheap.

At 27, an MVP award, a second-place vote, and four Gold Gloves in right field, Betts is considered one of the brightest stars in Major League Baseball, so the report that the deal would be unsurprising is not surprising. for $ 380 million over 13 seasons, making it the second-biggest deal in MLB history , just below Mike Trout’s $ 426 million for 12 years and Bryce’s $ 330 million for 13 years Harper.

Such a commitment would override any concerns about possible financial uncertainty in the Dodgers stemming from the coronavirus pandemic. Also, with a team riddled with youngsters and no contractual commitments beyond 2022, the ninth angelina can afford Betts.

Likewise, Betts’ multi-year contract with the Dodgers confirms the fears of the Boston Red Sox and justifies the move to ditch its top figure, start a rebuild, and cut payroll below the luxury tax just two years after obtain the World Series title.

For the Dodgers, the signing of Betts means a new all-or-nothing bet for a franchise that aspires to its first pennant since 1988 and a stay under the spotlight for a team that has seven consecutive divisional titles and has appeared in the World Series in two of the last three campaigns.

With a young base headed by Betts, current National League MVP Cody Bellinger, shortstop Corey Seager and right-hander Walker Buehler, the Dodgers have the pieces in place to pursue the title, not just the 2020 season – reduced to 60 games─ but for at least a couple more years, before they have to trade multi-million dollar extensions with Bellinger in 2023 and Buehler in 2024.

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