KC Jones Died: How Did Legend Of The Boston Celtics And NBA Die?

The bad news continues to accumulate in this 2020 that has not been respected even on Christmas Day. A designated date in an NBA that was mourned by the death of one of the great characters in the league’s history. KC Jones, legendary player and coach of the Boston Celtics, died at the age of 88, according to various press reports. and the cause is still unknown.

KC Jones Died
Jones was an eight-time league champion with the Celtics | Focus On Sport / Getty Images

Jones is a fundamental character in an NBA to which he arrived with Bill Russell, with whom he played at the University of San Francisco and with whom he won two university titles, in addition to the Olympic gold with the United States in the Melbourne 1956 Games. couple landed on the Celtics and soon instilled that winning gene in their teammates. Together they would add eight NBA rings before Jones made the jump to the bench.

His first steps as a coach were in the ABA, before moving to the Lakers, the great rival of the Celtics, to join the coaching staff of Bill Sharman, with whom he won his ninth NBA ring in 1972. Six more years He later returned to Boston as an assistant (he won yet another title) before assuming the reins of a team that included Larry Bird, Robert Parish or Kevin McHale, with whom he added two more rings to his record for a total of 12 championships of the NBA.

Jones averaged 7.4 points and 4.3 assists, while as a coach he added 552 wins to 306 losses.

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