Jacob Bonas’ Death: Tragic Accident Occurs in Detroit

The Kronk boxing community in Westland is mourning because they lost a talented, fearless boxer, Jacob Bonas. He was a great boxer and a friendly community member of Kronk Gym. A tragic accident happened on Friday 13 October, where Jacob couldn’t survive, he lost his life for taking the wrong way and his car collided.

How was Jacob Bonas:

Millions of people have stage and boxing ring nicknames; names are called for their identity and famous for their talent, But Jacob Bones never had a boxing ring name. He became famous by his real name; he thought, “Your talent matters more than things.” He was born in Detroit, Michigan, United States, on 20 October 1993.

We need more info about his personal life, family, and educational background, but we know that his passion was boxing, which he was practicing from an early age when he saw his father as a fighter.

Cause of His death:

On the early morning of the 13th Friday, Jacob was driving his Ford Fusion for a shortcut when he took the wrong road, and suddenly, his car collided with a GMC Sierra.

According to the investigation, the police claim that he died because of a Head-on crash near Lodge near Trumbull in Detroit. The Department claims that he was driving the wrong way, slammed into a truck, and died on the spot. However, the Detroit police continued their investigation for a lead-up.

Erskine Wade, head trainer of Kronk, said:

“He just was a great guy, you know; I’m sad, but another brother has (gone) to heaven.

Funeral Details:

Many boxer fighters are giving tributes to Jacob Bonas. One of the boxers is his training partner, La Tonya Wingate, who said some sentences from his heart.

The funeral details of Jacob Bonas’s family haven’t been announced yet. They were shocked by his death and needed some time to cover up this tragic incident; they will disclose later.

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