How Did Liam Hampson Die? Cause of Death – What Happened?

The well-known player was spending his holidays in Barcelona and one of his friends warned of his disappearance after almost 40 hours without news.

Tragic news in the world of rugby. Star Liam Hampson has died under very strange circumstances. His lifeless body has appeared lifeless in the well-known Apolo room in Barcelona after spending almost two days without giving news about his whereabouts to his companions. The athlete was spending his vacation in Barcelona.

The Mossos d’Esquadra have confirmed in recent hours that several workers from the well-known Barcelona complex have found the body of Liam Hampson already lifeless. At the moment, what could have happened to the Australian player who died while on vacation in Spain is being investigated.

Liam Hampson’s situation was really worrying, as one of his companions, fellow player AJ Brimpson, had already warned. He had alerted through his social networks of the disappearance of his friend, from whom he had not heard in more than 40 hours. Circumstances that made him fear the worst.

In addition, AJ Brimpson was in charge of telling the authorities that the last place they had been together and, therefore, the last time they had been together, had been precisely in the Apolo room in Barcelona. That was where the body was found on Wednesday. In his publication, Brimpson clearly showed his concern since something made him think that things were not going well in what was going to be a peaceful vacation in a city as popular with tourism as Barcelona: “It is a remote possibility, but I hope that Anyone have any information on Liam who has now been missing for 40 hours in Barcelona. Please don’t message me unless you have any help or information.” The state of alert was total.

Both players were on vacation in Europe. Although it is not yet known what has happened, the Mossos have already clarified that the death has occurred as a result of a hard accidental fall from a height of about 10 meters. A very tragic way to end your summer stay in Barcelona.

Liam’s death confirms the worst news that could be expected when the disappearance of the famous player was known. The hard blow suffered by his friend AJ Brimpson, who had been desperately looking for him for the last two days, is also reaffirmed. That hard fall, produced from a height of about 10 meters, has ended up being incompatible with his life.

The medical services, in collaboration with the Mossos d’Esquadra, are also investigating whether this fall was also caused by the consumption of some substance or if he could even have been forced to jump. What is certain is that Liam’s death and the discovery of his body have occurred in circumstances too strange and macabre even to be the terrible consequence of a night of partying and debauchery in the well-known city complex. from Barcelona.

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