How Did Hero Tito Die? What Was His Cause Of Death?

Bad news in the world of boxing. Hero Purwanto, better known as Hero Tito, has died at the age of 35, the victim of a severe blow suffered in one of the most important fights that have taken place in Indonesia so far this year. The fighter was facing  James Mokoginta fighting for the lightweight title and the fight between the two ended in the worst possible way.

Although Hero was dominating the fight, his rival managed to find a moment of weakness to land a powerful hook to the chin that immediately knocked him to the canvas. The blow had been very hard, but a few seconds after consummating his defeat, Hero managed to react showing an apparent good state. This happened on February 27.

Tito could not get up and had to be removed from the ring on a stretcher to a hospital where he fell into a coma and the unfortunate death was finally confirmed.

The fight took place at the  Holywings Club in Jakarta and was a rematch between the two contenders after their last confrontation in 2015. On that occasion, Tito took the victory by the decision of the judges. However, in the last match played between the two, everything has ended in the worst possible way.

In the seventh round, James landed a powerful hook that knocked his rival down. Shortly after, he lost consciousness and went into a crisis, showing that the situation was extremely serious. The terrible damage he had suffered during the fight made him go into a coma, so he began to seriously fear for his life.

A legend in Indonesia

Hero Tito began his career in 2004 when he completed his move to professionalism. Since then, he had a successful career in which he had a total of 29 wins, of which 11 were by KO. In addition, he only had two losses, although one of them, the last one, had fatal consequences for him.

With his sad death, Tito leaves behind a family made up of a wife and two daughters aged 13 and 5, who have already expressed all their feelings and pain after this dramatic event. A terrible loss for boxing in the country, as Hero Tito was considered a legend in Indonesia. However, his career spanned the entire Asian continent, as he did not stop traveling from one place to another to continue expanding his career and his record of combats and victories.

Among the biggest names he has faced are Ik Yang, Will Tomlinson, and Jamshidbek Najmitdinov. Also, his fight against Ik Yang occurred on the undercard of the Manny Pacquiao vs. Brandon Rios fight in Macau. A fight that was decided against him by decision. Now, Tito has suffered this terrible outcome in the ring, where he spent much of his career and his life.

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