How Did Emiliano Sala Die? What Was His Cause Of Death?

A British court pointed out that it is very likely that the footballer has lost consciousness due to carbon monoxide poisoning.

A British court concluded this Thursday that the Argentine footballer Emiliano Sala died in his plane crash in the English Channel in early 2019 probably unconscious after having been poisoned by carbon monoxide.

The plane in which Sala and the pilot were traveling suffered a breakdown in La Mancha on January 21, 2019, under adverse weather conditions, when the 28-year-old FC Nantes striker was on his way to Cardiff, where he had just finished signing for 17 million euros (about 19 million dollars) with the local club.

The body of the player, whose disappearance shocked the world of football, was found among the remains of the device more than two weeks after the accident, at a depth of 67 meters. That of the pilot, 59 years old, was not found.

David Henderson, 67, an organizer of the flight, was sentenced in November spent 18 months in prison for having hired a pilot whose lacked of qualification he knew and for having transported a passenger without valid authorization.

At the same time as this criminal process, an investigation process was opened, as established by the British judicial system, aimed at clarifying the causes of the soccer player’s death.

The cause of death of Emiliano Sala

After five weeks of hearing, the jury gathered in a court in Dorset (southern England) confirmed that the footballer died of head and chest injuries, but that he was probably deeply unconscious due to having breathed toxic levels of carbon monoxide. coming from the aircraft’s faulty exhaust system.

The plane crashed into the sea at a speed of 270 miles per hour (435 km/h), leaving no chance of survival.

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