[VIDEO] Freddy Rincon Accident Video Viral On Social Media

On the morning of this Monday, April 11, a private car where former soccer player Freddy Rincón was apparently found was hit by an MÍO bus.

In the last few hours, a video was released that revealed the exact moment when former soccer player Freddy Rincón apparently suffered a traffic accident.

The events occurred around 5:00 am this Monday, on Calle 5ta with Carrera 34, in the vicinity of the Pascual Guerrero Stadium.

In the video, it can be seen when the black vehicle in which Freddy was traveling in the company of three people; is rammed by an MY System bus.

Preliminary versions indicate that one of the two vehicles skipped the stop sign, that is, ran the red light.

The occupants of the private car and the driver of MÍO were taken to a care center for medical evaluation.

Former Colombian soccer player Freddy Rincón is in critical condition after colliding with his truck against a group of passengers in the city of Cali. According to the country’s media, the doctors would have declared him brain dead and his family would decide to disconnect him in the next few hours.

The medical situation of former Colombian international Freddy Rincón continues to be delicate, as was announced in a medical report by the team that treats him at the Imbanaco clinic.

So far, the authorities have not given an official report. However, in social networks the images where the front part of the massive destroyed and the damage suffered by the Ford truck to the right side of it are evident.

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