Dima Martynenk Dies After Russian Army Attack On His Home

Ukrainian Dima Martynenko died along with his mother, after an attack by the Russian army.

Ukrainian footballer Dima Martynenko died after a terrible attack by the Russian military. The player was part of FC Hostomel, in the Ukrainian amateur league, and was the top scorer for his team.

According to reports, Dima Martynenko died with his mother after their house was attacked by the Russian army, which has been invading Ukraine in recent days.

We received extremely sad news from Ukraine. The footballer Dima Martynenko, who played in the second Ukrainian league, died during the bombing. The player’s death was related to the raid on his home, where he and his mother were to die. This death shows how brutal the Russians are.

On the other hand, at the football level, FIFA has acted severely and suspended Russia indefinitely and will not be able to participate at the national team or club level. This has been celebrated in much of the world, especially in UEFA, since many federations have shown their rejection of the disastrous act promoted by Vladimir Putin.

Dima Martynenko is dead. Sad news from Ukraine

We learn about how the people of Ukraine are going through a great hell almost every now and then. On the Internet, you can find recordings of the Russian bombing of civilian facilities, in which innocent residents are killed. As we found out today, one of the victims of Russia’s ruthless policy was FC Hostomel’s player Dima Martynenko, who was the club’s top scorer in the Ukrainian second league. The footballer’s death was supposed to take place after a raid of Russian planes on his home, where he was hiding with his mother. This information was confirmed by Zoria Londońsk.

Condolences all over Twitter. The fans are devastated

It must be admitted that the information about the death of the Ukrainian footballer spread rapidly across Twitter, and fans from all over Ukraine cannot believe in the death of the player, who was the team’s top scorer this season and was considered one of the biggest stars of the Ukrainian second league.

In different parts of the world, reports are being made about the Russian attack on Ukrainian territory and this is causing concern in every corner of the world. You can also find all the information in Líbero.pe

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