American motorsports are in mourning after the death of Bobby Unser, which took place today in New Mexico. The three-time winner of the Indianapolis 500 and member of the most successful family saga in the history of the event has died at the age of 87.

To his three titles (1968, 1975, and 1981 -the only one to achieve it in three different decades with Rick Mears-) must be added the four of his brother Al Unser and two of his nephew Al Unser Jr , and his son Robby also competed, although without success. The Unsers are the only brothers to win the race in the 104 editions held so far.

His 1981 victory is one of the most controversial in history as he initially savored the milk of the winners at Victory Lane, the next day he was dispossessed of it in favor of Mario Andretti for an alleged illegal overtaking on pit road. After fighting for several months, his triumph was recognized in October of that same year … but Andretti never returned the winner’s ring from that test.

Bobby Unser is inducted into the Indycar Hall of Fame . Not surprisingly, he is one of the only 10 drivers in the history of the 500 Miles to win them three or more times. But, in addition, he dominated another legendary American race: the climb to Pikes Peak , which he conquered 10 times. He also added two USAC championships (the equivalent of the current Indycar) to his record.

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