Aaliyah Gayles Dead Or Alive? What Happened To Her?

Talented athlete (18) in hospital after being injured, father called for prayers.

Worrying news comes from Las Vegas where a talented basketball player, 18-year-old Aaliyah Gayles, is injured in a shooting at a home party as she prepares to go to university basketball in a USC team jersey in Los Angeles. Gayles is among four wounded with gunshots, and the good news is that none of the wounded are in life-threatening condition.

After the drama at the party, Gayles was transferred to the hospital where she underwent two emergency surgeries yesterday, the local Las Vegas Review-Journal reported.

After the injury, the prognosis of the 18-year-old basketball player’s recovery is still unknown. The university to go to is worried given that she is a talented athlete, eighth on the list of leading high school girls who are continuing their careers in American university basketball.

 The university team promised support

On behalf of the team, coach Lindsay Gottlieb spoke about injuring the 18-year-old basketball player. ‘Aaliyah is one of the strongest and most resilient people I have ever met,’ Gottlieb said, adding that it gives her hope.

‘I have no doubt that in this difficult-to-understand situation, they will continue to fight bravely and persistently. We will continue to support her and her parents in any way we can, ‘the coach concluded.

Concerned father

A worried father of the 18-year-old athlete also responded to a message on Twitter. ‘I know some will say that the blame for this is mine, I take full responsibility, but please keep my child in your prayers,’ the father of the young basketball player wrote, noting that her Aaliyah is a true fighter.

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