Yago Lamela’s Father Dies At 82

May 8 is once again a sad day in Yago Lamela’s family after the death of his father on the same day that the athlete lost his life seven years later

May 8 is cursed in Yago Lamela’s family . The Spanish long jumper lost his life that day seven years ago, and this Saturday the sad news of the death of his father, Manuel Lamela Lago, was also known, who died at the age of 82 in Avilés just the same day as his son but seven years later.

Born in Lira, in A Coruña, the engineer leaves his wife María Mercedes Tobío and his two daughters Ana María and Mercedes. And he leaves exactly seven years after Yago Lamela suffered a heart attack and lost his life that fateful May 8, 2014. That heart attack ended one of the most outstanding Spanish athletes in history, who left a jump of 8.56 meters in one in the World Indoor Championships in 1999 that will always remain in history.

The family, of Galician origin but closely linked to Asturias, will be marked by this fateful May 8 in which they first lost a young man with a life ahead of him and now the father of the family, whose burning chapel remains installed in the Avilés funeral home. , although the family does not receive visits due to the health situation resulting from the coronavirus pandemic.


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