Spain: Originally from Veguellina de Orbigo and winner of the Castilla y Leon Prize for Letters, the author Elena Santiago died today at the age of 79, as announced by her own son Pablo Garcia Fernandez on social networks. The writer had presented in 2019 in the town of Veguellina de Orbigo Los delirios de Andrea , her latest work, edited by Eolas, and a nod to Cervantes and her Don Quixote. In addition, the novelist had announced that she had already prepared a new novel “very different from everything before. ”

“A lot of life has passed, a lot of dedication. I have known that the darkness can be us, that life takes long or shrunken steps, that being in this world is good, but there are fears and explanations that freeze you. My novels have been arriving or remaining in question. A difficult moment was the passing of Esther Tusquets, my editor at Lumen. From that moment, everything was more difficult, but I continued. My latest work is published by Eolas editions. Its director, Héctor Escobar, accepted my fifteenth novel, Los delirios de Andrea. Everything has been perfect: the cover, a photograph by Pablo GF, and the design and layout, the work of Alberto R. Torices. All of them have helped me with great dedication ”, she recalled in an interview with Diario de Leon through the supplement El Filandón carried out by Cristina Fanjul.

Also today, Hector Escobar, editor of Eolas, remembered her as one of the great talents of Leonese literature. And she emphasized the title of one of her books as the best tribute: “Never forgetting.” In fact, Escobar had already closed for March 14 the celebration of a tribute to Elena Santiago in order to pay her the greatest of tributes while she was alive.

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