Writer Angélica Gorodischer Died At The Age Of 93

She was born in Buenos Aires on July 28, 1928, but when she was very young she settled in Rosario, where she stayed and forged a vast literary work

The writer Angélica Gorodischer, based in Rosario, died this Saturday at her home in the southern neighborhood, her family confirmed to La Capital. She was 93 years old and had a vast literary work that includes novels, stories, and essays, among which titles such as “Kalpa Imperial”, “Trafalgar” and “Mala noche parir mujer” stand out. She passed away of natural causes, sitting in her favorite chair in the house where she lived with her family and where she, in her bright study overlooking the garden, wrote much of her work .

She left a letter and one of its paragraphs reads: “I don’t want to die in therapy or in a sanatorium. I hope to do it in my bed, calm, with someone who holds my hand. I don’t want awake either, and I do want to be buried in a garden cemetery, with flowers, in an ordinary drawer, may it rot soon,” said the writer, stripped of drama as always, who already openly said she was a feminist in the 1980s.

Angélica Beatriz del Rosario Arcal was born in Buenos Aires on July 28, 1928. Her parents, the merchant Fernando Félix Arcal and the poet Angélica de Arcal, had married in 1924 and had moved from Rosario to Buenos Aires. In 1931 her sister Ana Maria was born. In 1935 the family returned to Rosario. Surrounded by books, as a child, she already wanted to be a writer.

In 1948 she married the architect Sujer Gorodischer and adopted her married name, Angélica Gorodischer, which she also chose to sign her publications. She did it by “choice”, as she put it. At first to differentiate herself from her mother who was also called Angelica, then from her because she liked her. “With my father, they were extremely close and did everything together since 1950. A life,” her eldest son De Ella Sergio told this newspaper, brother of Horacio and Cecilia.

Angélica studied at Escuela Normal 2 de Profesoras. At the Faculty of Philosophy and Letters of the Universidad Nacional del Litoral, she began to pursue a career, which she abandoned to dedicate herself to her family. She worked as a librarian at a medical publishing house. In 1963 she won the first prize of the Order Club, which meant the publication of her first book, “Stories with Soldiers” (1965).

Science fiction and fantasy work

Although she published books of very diverse genres and styles, she became known for her fantasy and science fiction work. Both her stories and her novels, including “Kalpa Imperial”, a saga whose first part was published in 1983, and whose two volumes were jointly published in 1984) have won her the admiration of readers.

In 2003 the English translation of “Kalpa Imperial” was published, made by Ursula K. Le Guin, the greatest female figure in Anglo-Saxon science fiction. The history of the legendary empire that earned him the recognition of Spanish-speaking readers also won him, admirers, among English-speaking readers and specialists.

Just a few days ago, La Capital echoed a letter from readers that her son, Sergio, had published.

She said that her mother never adapted to the cell phone and demanded that Telecom restore her service because she had been “incommunicado for four months.”

The letter had a good response. and within hours they restored the telephone service to the woman who had been declared an illustrious citizen of the City, in 2007.

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