Why Did Rashel Diaz Appear In Despierta América? [VIDEO]

Rashel Diaz surprised all the viewers of “Despierta América” by appearing on the broadcast on Tuesday, February 16. However, the participation of the Cuban presenter in the Univision show was as a guest to celebrate her 25 years of an artistic career.

“Today we welcomed a great friend and colleague, here at Univision her dreams began more than 20 years ago and today she returns to Despierta América to celebrate 25 years of her career. A morning full of surprises awaits us and that is why she is here so that you can enjoy it and celebrate with her ”, were the words of Raúl González and Karla Martínez before introducing Díaz in the broadcast of ‘Despierta América’.

For her part, Rashel Diaz was very excited to return to Univision to celebrate her career: “I am happy to return to this house, I always say that Univision was this university where I arrived and did not know anything about television. I came to Univision without knowing absolutely anything about television and here I began to learn from the hand of Don Francisco, the great. From there began this beautiful adventure that I have lived for which I am grateful and above all, being able to be here celebrating these 25 years ”.

During her appearance in “Despierta América”, the 47-year-old interpreter highlighted that her departure from television has allowed her to focus on other projects, such as her accessories line and her performance in a major multilevel company in the United States.

“Since August of last year, all those dreams and illusions that I had saved and that I had left aside due to lack of time, suddenly they came out and I can’t tell you if I have more work now than before because the truth is that it is so”, the Cuban star pointed out.

Díaz was one of Univision’s talents for more than 10 years, during which time she served as a model for the show “Sábado Gigante” , a job opportunity that allowed him to grow professionally with Don Francisco, one of his great masters in the media.

Don Francisco joined Rashel Diaz’s celebration of her 25-year artistic career, so she did not miss the opportunity to send him an emotional message through the cameras of Univision’s “Despierta América”.

“I want to congratulate you on these 25 years of television and remember with you these beginnings that we liked so much, these beginnings that made us vibrate and that today, every time we pass through Univision and see the technicians, it is again a memory that grows ”, Expressed the Chilean television presenter.

On the verge of tears, Díaz mentioned: “You opened my eyes to a beautiful and wonderful world, every day I am grateful because God put me on ‘Giant Saturday’. I remember the advice he gave me: ‘Daughter, learn to laugh at yourself. You have been the greatest influence that I have had in my career and I thank you, I bless your life every day ”.

Rashel Diaz: Since when have you been away from the television?

In mid-August 2020, Rashel Diaz said goodbye to the television industry after ending her participation in the morning show “Un Nuevo Día” on Telemundo amid the restructuring that the production team was carrying out due to the pandemic of the COVID-19.

Through a publication on his official account on Instagram , Díaz at that time confirmed her dismissal from Telemundo: “This morning I was informed after the show that due to adjustments due to the pandemic I would not continue on Un Nuevo Día. For my part, I only have words of gratitude to the Telemundo network for each of the opportunities they gave me in these 12 years that I have been trying to give my best every morning on Un Nuevo Día ”.

Throughout her professional career at Telemundo, Rashel Diaz presented countless special entertainment programs and was one of the most beloved figures in the daily programming of the important Spanish-language television network.

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