Which Athlete Refused To Participate In Exatlon USA?

The Telemundo network’s competition program, Exatlon United States, has an important detail that makes the idea of ​​participating in it much more attractive; Not only is it lifting the coveted trophy or receiving the cash prize, it is also achieving fame, recognition, and the followers that accompany the protagonists of this sports reality show on whatever path they undertake after the so-called “Fiercest Competition on the Planet”.

We have seen it well in the five previous installments, the winners of Exatlon United States become public figures when they leave the competition, taking advantage of different opportunities in varied projects, making use of the visibility that a television program as successful as this.

But just as the Exatlon United States is an opportunity that many athletes would accept without thinking, there are others who have other dreams to achieve, and for this reason, they say no to participation, to achieve other projects that at the moment, they consider more important.

Which renowned athlete refused to be in Exatlon USA for participating in the Tokyo 2020 Olympic games?

This is Aranza Vázquez, a Mexican diver who has carried the flag of her country in several Olympic meetings. Vázquez assured through her Twitter profile that he would have received the invitation to join the Exatlon United States, but rejected the proposal to focus on her university studies. Bravo for her!

The girl, only 18 years old, achieved sixth place in Tokyo 2020 in her discipline, and commented that she had rejected Telemundo’s proposal, despite having confessed that her grandfather was a “great fan of the program.”

The reactions of her followers did not take long, applauding Aranza’s decision to finish her studies and focus on her sports career, giving a sample of vision of the future to her short 18 years of age.

“I’m glad you’re focused on your goals and yourself” shared a follower, while another went even further, painting the athlete a beautiful future in the next Olympic Games: “It would have been very good to see you there. But I think you made the right choice. Those shows are a very big distraction. You are young and talented. Once you win an Olympic medal in Paris, you will have the luxury of choosing which programs to go to ”, she assured.

In its history, Exatlon United States has had countless participants from Mexico who have left their mark in the fierce competition, to mention a few we have the winner of the fifth season, Norma Palafox, the finalist Kelvin Noé Renteria, the all-time favorite Chuy Almada, the panther Denise Novoa, and so many others who have left an indelible mark on the sands of the Dominican Republic.

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