Vita Aranda Died: What Happened To Her?

They confirm the death of Vita Aranda after being shot in the head.

Vita Aranda, wife of former Colón Iván Torres, is one of the victims of the shooting in Paraguay.

Also in the show, in which Damas Gratis participated, the wife of Víctor Salazar from Tucuman was injured.

Dr. Yolanda González, director of the Itauguá National Hospital, confirmed to ABC TV and other media outlets the death of Cristina “Vita” Aranda in the said health center.

The model’s death occurred after she was rushed to the hospital after being shot in the head on the left side. According to the report, he suffered a loss of brain mass.

Paraguay shocked. At least two people lost their lives and four more were injured in a shooting that occurred this Sunday night in the middle of a concert in the Paraguayan city of San Bernardino, of which the causes or possible perpetrators are unknown, local media reported.

The incident occurred at the José Asunción Flores amphitheater, where a musical show called Ja’umina Fest was taking place, attended by thousands of people. One of the deceased was the renowned model Cristina Vita Aranda, wife of soccer player Iván Torres ,who plays for the popular Olimpia club in Paraguay and who was a player for Colón de Santa Fe in 2016.

The director of the National Hospital in the town of Itaguá, Yolanda González, confirmed to the ABC TV station the death of Aranda, who arrived at the hospital with a “prognosis reserved” after receiving a bullet to the head . Another man who was not identified died at the scene, according to versions of attendees quoted by local media.

ABC TV indicated, based on reports from the Ministry of Health, that four people were taken to hospitals after suffering gunshot wounds and that their condition is stable.Among them is Xoana Danila Barrientos, 29, and partner of Tucuman Víctor Salazar, former Rosario Central and San Lorenzo..

Minutes after the tragic incidents, the members of the Dean campus, including the coaching staff (with Julio César Cáceres at the head), went to the hospital to comfort Torres.

Local media did not rule out that it was an attack, although that version has not been confirmed by the authorities. Social networks were flooded with images of what happened in the middle of the concert, which was immediately suspended. On this occasion, the Ja’umina Fest brought together artists such as the Colombian group Binomio de Oro and the Argentine groupladies free, among others. Fátima Román and Junior Rodríguez, the presenters, had to take refuge in a booth before the stampede.

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