[VIDEO] What Does Raquel Becker Think After Leaving EXATLON 5 USA?

The fight for permanence ceremony on March 21 was probably the most difficult of the entire fifth season of Exatlon United States. After a relentless battle in the “circuito de fuerza”, both teams gave their all, as the girls from the blue team and the men from the red team were in danger of elimination. Luck was in the hands of the Famous, and it was the women of the Contestants, who had to measure forces to continue in the competition, in a battle where Raquel Becker, one of the strongest warriors, was forced to put an end to your dream and get out of the competition.

How was the departure of Raquel Becker from EXATLON 5 USA?

Since the fight for permanence began on March 21, it was known that the women of Team Contendientes faced an uphill battle. With few standing athletes, while Ana Parra was resting with an injury, Claudia Ramos was the one who had the lowest score and it was precisely the team leader, Denisse Novoa, on her second day after a long hiatus for having been in recovery from another injury, who decided that it would be Raquel Becker who would face Claudia for the permanence within the Exatlon United States.

That was where the passage of parkourera and movie stuntman Raquel Becker came to an end. One of the strongest women in the competition, who remained at the foot of the fight when the ranks of injured athletes were constantly growing, while adding points in her favor, had to leave and with her departure, the reactions did not wait.

The followers of the Facebook community of NowMismo specialized in the Exatlon United States, did not fall short in words of support for Raquel, assuring that what happened was an “injustice” and even imploring for her return. They also question why it was not Denisse who joined the duel, being she the one who remained so many days out of the competition.

A follower commented: “I do not understand that competition how long Denisse la Pantera was at rest and even so it is a leader in percentage when Raquel and Ana were the only ones participating if it was fair Denisse could go to elimination also because apparently, she has many privileges.”

Raquel Becker speaks

When Raquel Becker left Exatlon United States, there were many who wondered what she was thinking after her so-called “unfair” elimination, upon hearing that it would come from the presenter Frederik Oldenburg, Raquel lowered her head and tears invaded her eyes as she said goodbye, but beyond that, there was not much that we could know from her until today, when she published a video expressing her feelings.


“I know that many of you did not expect it, I did not expect it either” was how Raquel Becker, visibly moved, started the video, where she took the opportunity to highlight the positive of her experience and how she feels that she has improved in different disciplines in compared to your first step through the competition.

You are a champion, Raquel!

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