[VIDEO] Denisse Novoa Shared Cheers That They Practiced In EXATLON USA

Now that Denisse Novoa is out of Exatlon United States, the girl has shared more freely how they had fun in the competition with each other, practicing different – and very funny – cheers for her team. Let us remember that Novoa had an initial step through the third season of Exatlon United States, where he won the hearts of the audience not only for her impeccable sports skills but also for her deep blue eyes, which gave him the name of “La Pantera ”, Among fans of the so-called“ Fiercest Competition on the Planet ”.

Although there is no doubt that Denisse Novoa is one of the best athletes in the Telemundo competition program, it has been regrettable that in the two opportunities she has set foot on the arenas of the Dominican Republic, she has had to leave. The first for a knee injury that required surgery and a long period of recovery and physical therapy. And the second for an unprecedented event in five seasons, her expulsion for a “serious offense”, which resulted in a breach of contract and her abrupt exit from the program.

But this expulsion has not brought down the warrior spirit of Denisse, who recently did a live session in front of her hundreds of thousands of followers, ensuring that, despite having been the first surprised by this expulsion, she feels calm and confident in God. , understanding that all situations happen for a reason, and ready for a new chapter in her life, leaving her Exatlon stage, apparently behind.

The fact that she is no longer part of Exatlon United States does not indicate that Denisse cannot remember the funny moments she lived with her colleagues. So much so that recently and through the stories on her Instagram account, Novoa published a series of dances that she did with his Contendientes team and explained that while they entered the competition, they all stayed in a house where they were together and with access to cell phones. , so they began to practice different cheers to boost their teams. Of course, these cheers were very complicated, but above all, Hilarious!

Don’t miss the video here, courtesy of Denisse Novoa’s Instagram:

An eventual return to the Exatlon United States

The athlete who was expelled along with Denisse was Frank Beltre, from Team Famosos, who yesterday, April 18, ignited the controversy again when he assured that there could still be a remote possibility that both will return to competition. We contacted Telemundo about this but we have not received an official statement from the network.

The six athletes who were temporarily suspended for alleged use of mobile phones are now back in the Exatlon United States. They are Rafael “El Brujo” Soriano, Nathalia Sanchez, Eric “Showtime” Alejandro, Norma Palafox, and Ana Parra. Everyone is back and scoring points for their teams in the fierce sands of the Dominican Republic.

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