Venezuelan Writer Willy McKey Commits Suicide After Admitting Rape

After being accused of sexual abuse by a minor, the Venezuelan writer Willy McKey, who acknowledged this charge, committed suicide on April 29 by throwing himself from a ninth-floor in Buenos Aires, Argentina.

Hours before rushing from a building located on Córdoba Avenue, in the renowned Recoleta neighborhood of Buenos Aires, the 40-year-old writer apologized on his official Twitter account.

“Don’t be this. It grows inside and kills you. Sorry ”, was the last tweet from McKey who, according to various Argentine media reports, was at a friend’s house before jumping into the void.

Days before the suicide, McKey was denounced by the Twitter account @mckeyabusador , a user who detailed that on more than one occasion he was abused by the writer.

“He performed oral sex on me, masturbated me with his hands, and rubbed his genitals against mine countless times. It was the first time in my life that I was naked in front of a man. Never had a penis touched my vulva. He had just turned 16. He would turn 36 the following week, ” the victim wrote .

Following the accusation, which immediately went viral and raised more complaints against McKey, the Venezuelan writer himself acknowledged the charges in an Instagram post.

“In the midst of the complaints about abuses of women in Venezuela, through the Twitter account @mckeyabusador an episode of rape has come to light in 2015, told from the protection of anonymity but which I must take charge of, as it is evident I know who the person is and I know how the events occurred ”, McKey began in his story.

The Venezuelan poet applauded “the courage of the person making the complaint” and made the decision to “stay out of all the projects to which I belong and where there are people, interests, and reputations that may be affected by having me within their spaces.”

McKey also issued an apology to Pía, noting that he hopes that “his self-perception of his unquestionable talent and intelligence will not be affected by this painful episode.”

In the same way, he thanked his partner Jennifer Gásperi “for your support during these years and for having made me aware of ideas that were alien to me and not very relevant” and acknowledged that “I cannot apologize for something unforgivable.”

The Venezuelan moved from his native country to Argentina in 2019 after being part of the team that wrote the speeches of Juan Guaidó, a politician partially recognized as president of Venezuela.

The #YoTeCreo campaign, similar to #MeToo, has led to various complaints of sexual abuse in Venezuela and these stories often feature minors.

In addition to McKey, other artists who were denounced on social networks are Alejandro Sojo, singer of the Venezuelan band Los Colores, Tony Cash Maestracci, member of the band Tomates Fritos, Daniel Landaeta, drummer of the band Le ‘Cinema and Leonardo Jaramillo, guitarist by Okills.

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