Spanish Musician Francesc Burrull Dies At 86

He collaborated with great interpreters of Catalan song such as Joan Manuel Serrat, Lluís Llach, Raimon or Núria Feliu

The composer, jazz pianist, and who was a fundamental figure of the Nova Cançó movement, Francesc Burrull, died this Saturday at the age of 86, according to the Catalan record company Picap through his Twitter account.

Burrull accompanied numerous singers of the Catalan song in the boom that is experienced in the 60s of the 20th century, as is the case of names such as Juan Manuel Serrat, Lluís Llach, Raimon, Guillermina Motta, Núria Feliu, La Trinca, or Joan Baptista Humet, among others.

His specialty was jazz and he collaborated with such artists as Tete Montoliu, Sydney Bechet, and Chet Baker.

Born in 1934, he studied music at the Liceu Conservatory, although from an early age he oriented his career towards the field of jazz, especially due to the influence of Tete Montoliu, with whom he also collaborated. In this genre, he has been part of and led numerous ensembles and orchestras, and came to play with American legends such as Sydney Bechet and Chet Baker.

Despite being his specialty jazz, Burrull achieved certain fame when he became musical director of the Concèntric record company, in the 60s, from where he was fundamental in the movement of the Setze Jutges and the Nova Cançó or, what is the same, the resurgence of the song in Catalan in full Francoism. His are many of the arrangements of the great interpreters of the time, with whom he collaborated on numerous albums and also on tours.

His collaboration with Serrat stands out: his are the arrangements of ‘Paraules d’amor’ or ‘Cançó de matinada’

Among these collaborations, his meeting with Serrat stands out. Burrull signs, among others, the arrangements of songs such as Paraules d’amor ,  Cançó de matinada or Me’n vaig a peu .

In 1992 he obtained the National Music Prize of the Generalitat de Catalunya in the jazz category, and in 2017, he was awarded the Creu de Sant Jordi.

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