The journalist has died at the age of 69 just a year after announcing on her program that she suffered from lung cancer.

Mila Ximénez died this Wednesday at the age of 69 after more than a year trying to overcome serious lung cancer. A year ago, on June 16, 2020, the collaborator of ‘Save me’ announced in the Telecinco space the worst news: just a few days before she had received the terrible diagnosis and announced that he would give everything he had to treat to overcome it. “I’m screwed, scared and I want to tell it. I have cancer. They are going to treat me, we are going to do chemotherapy, radiotherapy, and immunotherapy. They have told me that it is difficult,” she said then.

It has been more than 365 days of struggle, of visits to the hospital, of loneliness at certain times, of fear, but above all, of a lot of love. Because the people who love her most have not been separated from her for an instant, from her daughter Alba who has traveled repeatedly from Amsterdam, her brothers, and grandchildren, to her colleagues, with whom she has shared countless afternoons onset and who have not hesitated to accompany her to the hospital or to spend time with her at her home in the capital.

However, the news that no one wanted to reach it has finally occurred and Mila has not been able to overcome a disease that had spread unstoppably to various parts of her body. The recovery was being very slow and the Andalusian already announced last March in ‘Save me’ that one of the areas had been complicated, so she was going to undergo a TAC.

It was then that she gave one of her most poignant testimonies weeks before one of the most decisive pieces of evidence: “I do not know what I’ll do if I will continue or what, I do not want to live like this. I am a person who likes to live me with quality of life. I know that I am prepared and every day I am more prepared. ” A tireless worker leaves, a woman who until a serious illness prevented it, was every day brightening the afternoons of millions of millions of people.

Her colleagues from Mediaset and many well-known faces on television have wanted to say goodbye to Mila Ximénez through social networks, although many more will come to the M-30 funeral home in Madrid to say goodbye to her in person. ” The journey is infinite. Always together, Mila, ” wrote Jorge Javier Vázquez. ” Thank you for your smiles and your good energy. That is how I will always remember you, ” wrote Pablo Alboran.

A long career as a journalist

Mila Ximénez studied journalism in Seville and very soon became a contributor to the newspaper ABC with its own section, where she interviewed great names such as Leonard Cohen, José María García, Pedro Almodóvar, Carmen Sevilla, Boris Becker, and José María Ruiz-Mateos. She had previously collaborated in tennis magazines and later joined Jaime Peñafiel in La Revista, and in the radio program ‘Directly Encarna de la Cadena COPE. After a parenthesis, he would land in what has been her home to this day: Telecinco.

‘ Martian Chronicles’, ‘TNT’, ‘By your side’, ‘The Ferris wheel’, ‘Save me, ‘Saturday Deluxe’, ‘Open your eyes … and look’, ‘Survivors’, ‘GH VIP’ .. . in the chain of Mediaset leaves a legacy that will remain indelible, as well as having been sitting as a collaborator, she jumped to the reality shows with excellent results: two separate third places in ‘Survivor 2016’ and ‘GH VIP 7’.

A daughter and marriage with Manolo Santana that ended badly

Mila Ximénez moved to Madrid very young with a doctor with whom she had a relationship, but at the beginning of the 80s, she began dating tennis player Manolo Santana, with whom she welcomed her only daughter in April 1984. : Sunrise. A year earlier they had been married in civil law, and although they had planned to marry in church as well, they finally divorced three years after their marriage. And from what has been seen later, things did not end well between the two. In fact, in January of this year, Mila lashed out at him with forceful words. Ximénez would later have a brief affair with the actor José Sacristán.

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