Sofía Sarkany Died: How Did Argentine Designer Die?

Sofía Sarkany, the eldest daughter of the renowned shoe designer, Ricky Sarkany , died this Monday at the age of 31 due to uterine cancer that was diagnosed in 2018. Just a week ago she was the mother of Felix, her first child, conceived through belly surrogacy.

Sofia was the eldest of the four Sarkany sisters, and she kept her family and friends in suspense due to her health. From their surroundings, they had informed LA NACION of the seriousness of the situation: “She is fighting it .”

Like her father, She had a passion for fashion and was part of her renowned family business. At the age of 25, she was already recognized for her own brand of shoes and clothing.

Sofía became the mother of little  Felix on Monday, March 22, through a  womb rental,  together with her partner Tomás AllendeEugenia “China” Súarez, her close friend, was one of the first to congratulate her on that occasion.  

The delivery of her first child was scheduled for Sunday 28, but it was early and the baby was finally born six days earlier. Despite her state of health, Sofía was able to meet him and hold him in her arms. 

Days later, Argentine media reported that the young mother was in an induced coma, which is why her family traveled to accompany her in her last moments.

The heartfelt words of her father

After the sad death of her eldest daughter, Ricky Sarkany left an emotional message:  “I lived surrounded by a lot of love, ‘I was very happy’. 1989-2021,” wrote the beloved trans-Andean designer on her Instagram account.

Along with the post, she attached a series of images in which Sofia is seen in her best moments.

For her part, her sister Clara wrote on her profile: “I will think of you every day, but always with a smile, because if there is something that the disease did not take out of you, it was your huge smile.”

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