Rubén was the first host of the famous horror radio program

This morning, the radio host Rubén García Castillo, the first host of the horror program La mano peluda and also the host of the program Historias más Otro, aired on Mexican radio, passed away. So far the cause of his death is unknown.

Through social networks, it was reported that Rubén García Castillo, founder of the program “La Mano Peluda” in 1995, has just passed away.

One of the first to announce the death of García Castillo was the journalist Gil Barrera, who reported the news through his Twitter account:

Rubén García Castillo was the first conductor of “La Mano Peluda” who broadcast for four years. Currently, the successful announcer had a new project; “Stories from Beyond”, which also follows a paranormal theme.

Grupo Fórmula mourns the death of Rubén Castillo, the first host of “La Mano Peluda”, which is a radio program that is broadcast from Mexico to the world; which is based on the broadcasting of radio-terror stories (where people call a live radio program and tell their horror story on the air).

It is broadcast by Grupo Fórmula and began on August 13, 1995, and was the brainchild of Mario Córdova, then artistic director of the 104.1 FM radio station. The first conductor was Rubén García Castillo, who broadcast for four years. Later, from 1999 to 2010, La Mano Peluda was in charge of Juan Ramón Sáenz.

From 2010 to January 2018, Rubén García Castillo returned, and from January 15, 2018, to date he is under the leadership of Gina Avilés and Nacho Muñoz.

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