The interpreter, who suspended the performance of his play ‘La penultima’ in Vizcaya in mid-January due to “health problems”, was admitted to the San Carlos Clinical Hospital in Madrid suffering from severe bilateral pneumonia

A few days ago we learned of the admission of Quique San Francisco to the Hospital Clínico de Madrid for severe bilateral pneumonia.

The actor suspended the performance of his play ‘The penultimate’ in Vizcaya on January 23 due to ” health problems, ” according to its organizers. Quique San Francisco, 65, died this Monday after not overcoming these health problems for which he was admitted.

San Francisco, who starred in Campofrío’s announcement last Christmas incarnating death: “You prefer to live as if death did not exist,” the actor reflects at one point in the spot when his castmates ignore him.

The actor never avoided showing the weaknesses that he had had throughout his life, such as drugs and alcohol, which he always acknowledged consuming.

One of the most worrying moments of his life was in 2002 when he suffered a motorcycle accident that prevented him from moving for more than a year that dragged him for a long time making his public appearances in wheelchairs or crutches.

The Union of Actors and Actresses was among the first to say goodbye to the actor . “Our sincere condolences to the actor’s family and friends. Rest in peace,” says the tweet. Born on March 10, 1955, in Madrid, from a very young age he combined participation in plays and movies. He made his film debut with ‘Different’ in 1961. His artistic training was completed at the Actors Studio, although he left it prematurely.

‘Quinqui cinema’

The definitive endorsement that his career received was in the 80s when he began to work on the films of the ‘cine quinqui ‘, as in ‘Navajeros’, ‘Colegas’ or ‘El pico’, all of them under the orders of Eloy of the church. In addition, in 1989 he appeared in ‘Amenece que es no poco’, by José Luis Cuerda. Great secondary, the actor achieved critical support and the nomination for best-supporting actor at the Goya with ‘Orquesta Club Virginia’ in 1992, under the command of Manuel Iborra. Three years earlier he had gotten his first nomination at these awards, for ‘El baile del pato’, and he would not be eligible for the big head again.

‘Acción mutatante’ , with Álex de la Iglesia, or ‘El rey asmado’ , were some of his most important works for the cinema in the 90s, although San Francisco oriented his career towards television. ‘Pepa and Pepe’, ‘Colegio Mayor’ or ‘Thieves go to the office’ were some of the titles in which he participated for the small screen. As of the 2000s, the actor reduced his participation, although he still appears in series such as ‘Cuéntame’, ‘Gym Tony’ or ‘¿Qué fue de Jorge Sanz?’.

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