Actor Quique San Francisco dies at 65 after a long time in the ICU

The actor Quique San Francisco has died at the age of 65 after entering the ICU of the Hospital Clínico de Madrid on February 5 as a result of  severe bilateral pneumonia . On January 12, its performance, La penultimate , was suspended  , which should have taken place in the Basque town of Getxo. A few days later, the organization explained that San Francisco could not get on the tables due to “health problems . ” Without giving further explanations.

Weeks later it was learned that he had been hospitalized for all that time in the capital’s medical center, in the Chamberí neighborhood, very close to the home where he resided until,  due to financial problems , he lost it in 2019. His health status worsened considerably last weekend  when the infection he had spread to his left lung. 

A few days ago the actor spoke from the hospital for the magazine ¡HOLA! : ” I am desperate to get out of here …  Already in rebellion, although they treat me like a king and have me in palm trees”. Although he always remained positive and optimistic, his spirits have diminished in recent days: “The situation is being handled with dignity, but I am not very happy. Now, pending the latest cultures and tests to see how my lungs are responding. Still I can’t walk and the respirator is always close at hand. “

His entry coincided with the arrival of Filomena to the capital. A friend of his took him to the hospital. According to his own words, he could not breathe and barely walk . “There was no one in the emergency room and, in twenty minutes, he was already sedated and intubated.  The Covid-19 test was negative, but the infection had reached the kidney and the blood . The picture predicted the worst,” he said in those days.

The comedian’s health a few years ago was delicate. In 2002 he suffered a serious traffic accident while traveling on a motorcycle that left him in a wheelchair for more than a year, while he stayed away from the stage. Always discreet with his personal life,  he has no children and his most media relationship was the one he had with Rosario Flores (57).

Last year, during the presentation of the docureality , broadcast on Flooxer (within the Atresplayer platform), Follow San Francisco, the actor sincerely expressed his life of debauchery: “They call me a drug addict, party animal and womanizer . And it’s all true “. Nor has he ever hidden financial penalties. “I have generated many thousands of euros throughout my life, generally everything that comes in I already have invested; I like to live from day to day, to the second, you never know when the hostion is going to come,” he said in June 2019 in The Hormiguero . Now, his family and friends mourn the sad loss of this actor who lived intensely and as he wanted his life. 

The Union of Actors and Actresses were among the first to say goodbye to the actor . “Our sincere condolences to the actor’s family and friends. Rest in peace,” says the tweet. Born on March 10, 1955 in Madrid, from a very young age he combined participation in plays and movies. He made his film debut with ‘Different’ in 1961. His artistic training was completed at the Actors Studio, although he left it prematurely.

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