Poet José Manuel Caballero Bonald Dies At 94

Madrid, May 9.- The Spanish writer José Manuel Caballero Bonald, winner of the Cervantes prize in 2012 -the highest award for letters in Spanish- died in Madrid at the age of 94, sources close to the poet and sources confirmed to Efe this Sunday. from the Cervantes Institute.

The writer, who cultivated both novels and poetry, was recognized with numerous awards, including the Reina Sofía for Ibero-American Poetry in 2004, the National Critics Award on three occasions, the Nacional las Letras Españolas in 2005, and the following year the National Poetry.

The son of a Cuban Creole father and a French mother, Caballero Bonald was born in Jerez de la Frontera (Cádiz, in southern Spain) on November 11, 1926. After studying in Cádiz and Seville, he taught Humanities and Literature at the National University from Colombia for years and, back to Spain, he settled in Madrid.

A prominent member of the Generation of the 50s in Spain, in 1952 he published his first literary work, the poetry book “Las adivinaciones”, which was followed by a long career, which led him to be considered by many experts as “the poet of the great metaphor ”.

In his prose they stand out “All the night they heard the birds pass” (1981, Ateneo de Sevilla Prize); “In the father’s house” (1988, Plaza and Janés Award); “Campo de Agramante” (1992, reissued in 2005); “The custom of living” (2001, reissued in 2004); and “Office of the reader” (2013).

He also published essays, such as “Luces y sombra del flamenco” (1975), reissued in 2007; “Luis de Góngora” (1982), “Seville in the time of Cervantes” (1991), “Sea inside” (2002) or “A literary Madrid” (2009).

In May 2017, he published “Examination of Wits”, a hundred literary portraits of writers and artists that he met throughout his life.

And a year earlier, 2016, he added another award to his long list of awards, the Francisco Umbral for the Book of the Year (2015), for his collection of poems “Unlearning”, considered one of the culminating titles of his work.

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