María Del Carmen “Pata” Villanueva suffered a severe accident, after falling and suffering a fracture at her home in Punta del Este. Due to her injuries, she was transferred to Cantegril, a medical center in the Uruguayan seaside resort.

The former couple and father of two of their children, Alberto “Conejo” Tarantini together with Guillermo Coppola, the godfather of one of them, are making arrangements for Agostina Cavallero, Robertino Tarantini, and María Bernardita Fiona Tarantini, the three children, to enter Uruguay, to be with her.

Due to the pandemic, the neighboring country only allows Uruguayan residents or citizens to enter the country. But it also contemplates some “exceptional” situations.

Via the Foreign Ministry, this permit is being processed, for which the medical certificate on the situation of the former model was presented, which indicates that Villanueva “is at risk of life.” LOA confirmed that the request from the Clinic was also sent to Migrations.

“Pata” is hospitalized in the CTI (Intensive Treatment Center) area of ​​the Cantegril Clinic, her clinical condition is serious “and” possible risk of death. “This is why they ask for the presence of their relatives” urgently “.

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