Exatlón USA: Norma Palafox Reveals Reason For Her Suspension

The soccer player broke the silence to clear any rumors after being one of the six athletes who were suspended in the reality show the Exatlón United States

Norma Palafox was one of the athletes suspended by the reality shows the Exatlón United States a couple of days ago. The Mexican soccer player was involved in the scandal that shook the program where athletes were discovered with drugs and were expelled. As a result of this version, the athlete issued a statement in which she clarified the reason for her suspension.

Last Sunday, Exatlón United States reported that Palafox and five other athletes from the program (Eric Alejandro, Nathalia Sánchez, Rafael Soriano, Ana Parra and Octavio González) were suspended for three days. Meanwhile, the expulsion of the competitors Frank Beltre (Famous team) and Denisse Novoa (Contestants) was announced.

These last two would have been discovered with drugs and cell phones, extremely serious events that led the production of the sports reality show to take terminal measures, as reported by different spoiler pages and the program Gossip No Like, a few weeks ago.

The reality show hostFrederik Oldenburg, was strict when announcing the sanctions and their reasons. “To protect the credibility of the program there are strict rules and they have been suspended for three days,” he said last Sunday.

What did Norma Palafox say about her suspension?

Through the agency The Marketing Jersey that represents her, Norma Palafox issued a statement clarifying the reason why she was suspended for three days in the Exatlón United States. This dictates the writing:

To public opinion:

With the intention of clarifying the rumors that have been falsely propaganda in the last 24 hours, it is made public knowledge that Norma Palafox continues to compete in Exatlón USA.

Within the reality show, there are rules for telephone communication with the outside world that apply to all participants. Norma along with other participants were temporarily suspended and in the next few days, they will return to the competition.

Exatlón USA

In this way, the soccer player clarifies that her suspension could be due to the fact that she communicated with someone from outside through a cell phone that could be provided. Likewise, it seeks to detach Norma from the controversial expulsions that were registered in the Novoa and Beltre cases, more related to drug cases.

Norma Palafox will return to the competition in a few days after her suspension. He will compete again for the team of the Famous in the Exatlón United States where he is one of its figures.

Once she fulfills her commitment, in reality, she will be able to return to football to wear the Tuzas de Pachuca shirt, with which he arranged her arrival at the end of last year after her departure from Chivas del Guadalajara.

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