Norma Palafox won the hearts of the fans of the fifth season of Exatlón Estados Unidos, from where she came out in style as a champion, and showing that her thing is sports, the Mexican announced that she has already jumped into the ring again.

The 22-year-old athlete, who has made a successful career in the world of women’s soccer in Mexico, announced that she returned to the competition, this time wearing the shirt of Pachuca, the team of which she is part of the Aztec Women’s League.

This was revealed by Norma Palafox, through her Instagram account, where she first posted a photograph, in which she appeared showing off her new tennis shoes, and informing that after EXATLON, she was already training with her team on the courts.

“Happy to be back on the court with my new XSpeedflows 😍🤩. Which do you prefer ☺️ or 🤨? @adidasmx #creandoconadidas #Xspeedflow #adidasfootball ”, was the comment with which Palafox accompanied her Instagram post.

Then, the EXATLON winner, who won $ 200 thousand dollars as a prize, posted another set of photos on her Instagram, wearing her team’s training uniform.

“We are ‘back 🙌🏼🤩🔜⚽️”, said the soccer player, showing in the images that she is already involved in body and soul with her role as a footballer and with the triumph between eyebrow and eyebrow.

The images of Palafox’s return to the world of football delighted her fans so much that her two publications reached almost half a million “likes” in a few hours and a sea of ​​messages, full of praise and good wishes from the loyal fans of the athlete.

After her triumph in EXATLON, the Mexican athlete, who was playing with the Famosos team until before the final week, shared a heartfelt message with her fans, where she not only opened her heart about what her life was like in the competition but where she also remembered her deceased mother, to whom she fulfilled the promise of succeeding in the competition.

“Where to start? .. I close a cycle of my life with a sea of ​​mixed feelings. We finished the fiercest competition on the planet 🤩 @exatlonestadosunidos and I feel so lucky to close a cycle, having met the goal ♥ ️🏆 ”, said Palafox. “Sometimes life throws you challenges and situations that we cannot control. I have learned that these moments, although they are difficult and cost a lot, are the ones that make you grow the most. To be honest, I share with you that it was one of the hardest decisions I have ever made. There were hundreds of fears, doubts if she was doing the right thing, among many more. I had a promise in my head and something told me I had to do it and it was totally worth it. ”

“EXATLON is a unique challenge, it takes you to the limit mentally and physically, without a doubt, one of the best experiences of my life. There were many moments when I thought of throwing in the towel, but I always tried to revive my mother’s support, her unconditional words, and her teachings, which have made me the woman that I am ”.

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