Musician Lars Ratz Dies In A Plane Crash In Mallorca

The musician, who had lived in Mallorca for years, has died at the age of 53 after crashing an ultralight in the town of Vilafranca. The information has been released by El Diario de Mallorca, which indicates the point of the incident in front of the El Cruce restaurant. The Civil Guard investigates the causes of the accident.

As reported by the health emergency service (SAMU 061) and the Civil Guard, the accident would have occurred around 10 am this Sunday next to the confluence of the Manacor highway (Ma-15) and the Ma highway -5110, in the vicinity of the Es Cruce restaurant, practically in the center of this island.

Little could the emergency services do, which appreciated multiple injuries incompatible with life and certified his death.

There have already been several former colleagues of Lars who have manifested after hearing the fateful news.

This has been the message of guitarist Chris Caffery: “One of the many conversations that I had during the past year was related to meetings and new albums of bands that I had not recorded with for years. You all know what happened from the publications that have been swarming.

One of the other conversations I had was with Henning and Lars Ratz about the possibility of a new Metalium album and a festival tour. Actually, he had started composing songs with this meeting in mind.

I am shocked and sad to have just received the very sad news that Lars Ratz died today in a small plane crash.

That first Metalium album was a big part of my musical and personal past. Although the situation was not always perfect, Lars believed in me and was very proud to have me as part of the creation of that first album and the first concerts. Millennium Metal was a classic record from beginning to end. Lars loved risks.

He lived heavy metal in many ways. He loved being a pilot. Now you can take some of my friends to heaven on some of your travels. Fly with the angels my friend. This song was always one of my favorites on the album. ” Singer Henning Basse has revealed that he had spoken to him in the past:

“A few days ago on the phone we still said that we would call each other on the weekend when we had more time. Now you are a friend and colleague of many years kicking asses. We have lived so much together, cried, laughed … you were always supportive, you always saw the positive and you were a fighter. I have a lot to thank you if I could have made a wish it would have been our meeting with you. My thoughts are with you and your family… I am completely in shock… see you. DEP, my Lars ”.

Alejandra Burgos also wanted to pay tribute to him, with whom he shared the band Fyre! The Argentine vocalist and guitarist have lamented resorting to the chorus of the most famous song in Kansas: “All we are is dust in the wind.”

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