Musical Artist Ruben Lanao, Dies From Covid-19

Lanao, who died on the afternoon of this Friday, April 30, in Barranquilla, had also accompanied vocalists such as Luis Vence, Jorge Adel and Lidio García with his notes and was one of the 18 virtuosos of the vallenato accordion who had been invited by the King Vallenato Beto Villa to appear at the gala concert of the Vallenata Symphony, just on this same date.

Upon hearing the news of the death, La Sinfónica sent a message of condolences. He indicated that the teacher “Beto Villa regrets the loss of his great friend, student, and colleague Rubén Lanao.” He also recalled that they had been working “shoulder to shoulder” for six months tonight.

Precisely, on his Instagram account, Lanao had shared several days ago some messages alluding to this virtual concert and his participation in it.

In a video he had shared with his followers that he learned to play the accordion by himself: “There was no one who taught me, I played the accordion while listening to the music on the radio, even if it was in another tone. I got used to doing it and kept going until I perfected myself in the subject “.

About the concert, he had added: “This is an event never seen before and our legacy never dies.”

However, a few days ago Lanao was hit by the virus and was hospitalized at the Perfect Health Clinic in Barranquilla, due to lung conditions caused by the virus. Since then, family and friends had made prayer chains, some virtual waiting for an improvement.

However, Lanao lost the battle against the virus on the afternoon of this Friday, a few hours before the show that he had been preparing.

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