Musical Artist Roberto Calero Dies At 78

The benchmark of the ‘rockolero’ genre gave his last concert on February 14 of this year and his work includes songs such as ‘El Mandarina’, ‘La Pena de mi viejo’, ‘Bohemio y Bacán’

Roberto Alfonso Calero Piedrahita, the Ecuadorian singer-songwriter best known for his songs ‘La pena de mi viejo’ and ‘Por Dios te quiero mucho’, died on April 4 at the age of 78 after health complications, as confirmed by his family members through social networks, with messages, videos and photos recalling his trajectory and wishing him to rest in peace.

According to several Ecuadorian media, the reference of the ‘rockola’ had suffered health problems due to a kidney disease that finally required surgery; later, after several months of illness, he had to undergo dialysis treatment. The singer’s son and also known as ‘Payador de Vinces’, Dyango Calero Gamarra, is the one who has confirmed the news through a Facebook post.

Dyango Calero has paid tribute to his father with the words: “Fly high, Daddy, you fought to the end, you were and will be my best example, see you soon, Payador de Vinces, Bohemio and Bacán, like you there will be no other.” On the other hand, his niece Fabiola Veliz Piedrahita has also turned to social networks to mourn the death of her uncle with a photo and a message on Instagram that says: “Fly high uncle, may one of the exponents who international level represented us ”.

Calero was a singer recognized and loved by his followers and, after the announcement of his death, his profile has been filled with messages from his followers and colleagues. “Good trip, ‘Bohemio and Bacán'”, “A great one of the ‘jukebox'” or “may God receive him in glory, goodbye teacher, RIP” have been some of the goodbyes shared on the networks. It should be noted that he was not the only musician in his family, so was his grandfather, Emilio Piedrahita C., Author of the song ‘Ojos que matan’. Likewise, his son Dyango Calero also fell in love with the stage and joined his father under the spotlight from a young age. In fact, together with his son, Calero gave his last performance on February 14, 2021, at the La Envidia venue, near Guayaquil.

A high representative and diffuser of the ‘rockolero’ style

“In the beginning he interpreted and recorded traditional corridors, then, continuing his singing career, he settled in Guayaquil, participating in multiple programs and festivals. In the seventies, he dedicated himself to singing boleros in the ‘rockolero’ style”, according to indicates his biography of the page the Hall Museum. His discography is made up of more than 50 albums and he shared the stage with artists such as Daniel Santos, Lucho Barrios or Orlando Contreras, among others.

Throughout his musical career he embarked on several international tours in the United States and Canada, and his discography shows a preference for boleros, corridors and waltzes. His hits include the songs ‘La Pena de mi viejo’, ‘Por Dios te quiero mucho’, ‘Bohemio y bacán’ and ‘Carta al cielo’ and his biography indicates that he was “a high representative and diffuser of the style.” rockolero ‘”. It should be explained that ‘rockolera’ music is considered a commercial genre that is based on traditional Ecuadorian rhythms and that is oriented to popular taste.

In addition, in his biography it is explained that Armando Romero, the manager and owner of the Radio Cristal station in Guayaquil, gave him the nickname “Payador de Vinces” after attending the program La Sorpresa Radial de las 11. Roberto’s visit Calero to the radio program was due to his truinfo at the 1965 Interprovincial Festival of Amateur Singers on behalf of Vinces, his native land. He even served as deputy mayor of the Ecuadorian city.

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