Musical Artist Cesar Augusto Hernandez Dies At 80

The Guatemalan musician and composer, César Augusto Hernández, died this Saturday at the age of 80 and both family members and members of the artistic union have expressed their condolences. 

Hernández, who stood out for his ability to play the piano and keyboards, was famous for his cumbias and known as ” The master of the golden fingers .” 

At age 80, the Guatemalan musician affected by health problems still continued to sell his records to pay for his medical treatments. 

At the age of 8, he lost sight, but this was not an impediment for César Augusto Hernández to fulfill his dream, as he was passionate about music, an art in which he started from the age of 10. 

Since the 1980s he has produced more than 55 records.

His career was marked by producers who told him that his music would not sell until someone gave him the opportunity to listen to a demo and it soon sounded on various stations in the country and was featured on various television programs. 

Thanks to his talent, “the Master of the golden fingers and his magic organ” accompanied the National Symphony Orchestra and was involved in other national projects. He was also a well-known arranger of processional marches, a devotee of Jesús de Candelaria. 

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