Mother Of Dra. Carolina Herrera Dies

The mother of Dr. Carolina Herrera, Urbana Contreras, passed away this Thursday at the age of 85.

The information was confirmed by the doctor, a recurring television panelist, who told BioBioChile that “my mother left in great peace.”

At the moment the reasons for the death are unknown.

The funeral would take place on January 1, when the world welcomes the year 2022.

Herrera had spoken about her relationship with her mother in May 2019 on the late morning Bienvenidos (Channel 13). “At this moment she is already with a little bit of his lost head,” she said.

“She was happy with us, with my sister. But she didn’t have a kind of discipline of the order, of work. She worked around the house, with us, like mom. And it had some special things. For example, she was related to us (in childhood) with a character named Jacinto, who visited us in the afternoon and made us laugh ”, she added.

“She was completely different from her. Because my mother was a person full of scares, fears, fears, suspicious of the environment, that no one was going to hurt us. But this character, who was Jacinto, was a funny, playful, different peasant ”, she recalled.

Later, while showing a photograph of a refrigerator that Herrera won in a raffle during her childhood, she acknowledged that “they always instilled in me the value of effort, study, and everything.”

“But with a kind of gift in saying that ‘there is always a factor, that of the Universe, of luck, which is going to touch you, which has touched you more than anything else.’ So in life I always went to the fight, whatever came, because I knew that at the last minute I was going to win the refrigerator, “she added.

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