Miguel Vicens Dies At The Age Of 78

The bassist of the legendary band Los Bravos, Miguel Vicens, has died this Saturday at the age of 78. According to various media reports, he died at Son Espases Hospital.

Few know the name of Miguel Vicens beyond the borders of Mallorca, but the name of his legendary band Los Bravos went down in pop history thanks to their world hit “Black Is Black” from 1966.

Yesterday, Saturday, Vicens died at the Son Espases University Hospital in Palma. He died of pneumonia at the age of 78.

Vicens was the bassist for Los Bravos, which first appeared in 1965 in the Haima discotheque in Palma’s Cala Major suburb. In addition to Vicens, these were the guitarist Antonio Martínez and the organist Manuel Fernández from the Madrid group Sonors, as well as the German singer Michael Kogel, who later called himself Mike Kennedy, and the drummer Pablo Sanllehi.

The rest is history. Los Bravos landed the international summer hit of 1966 with the song “Black is Black”, which proved to be a million-seller and became an evergreen in pop history.

Los Bravos were all the rage again in 2019 with Quentin Tarantino’s film Once Upon a Time in Hollywood. Because the Hollywood director and recognized connoisseur of good music used the song “Bring a Little Loving” for the soundtrack. The song was the second biggest hit by the Los Bravos in the US in 1968.

As original members and trademark holders of the band, Vicens and Sanllehi then gave two rehearsal concerts for a revival two years ago at the theater in Santanyí, where Vicens lives. They had gathered five young musicians around them, the Mallorcans Sergi Tomás (drums), Marc Grimalt (bass), Joan Prohens (guitar), and Jaume Amengual (keyboards), and the London singer Bruce Game. Los Bravos were to perform in this formation on March 5th at the Trui Teatre in Palma.

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