Memín El Sucesor Died: What Was His Cause Of Death?

The singer, musician, and composer, Yovanny Martín Belliar, better known in the artistic world as ” Memín El Sucesor “, died this Sunday, he was 53 years old.

Memín El Sucesor was admitted to intensive care after his health was complicated after a hernia operation.

The death of “Memín” occurred this Sunday morning at the Corominas Clinic in this city of Santiago, where he was admitted a few days ago, due to health complications, after a few weeks ago he underwent surgery for a hernia, a source informed this medium.

“He had a hernia that he had neglected for years, it already covered other organs of the digestive system and affected his kidneys, the operation infiltrated his intestines and then caused pneumonia, it was a very complicated picture,” reported the source who asked to omit his Name.

Figures of the artistic class had asked for chains of prayers in recent days, for the recovery of Memin’s health, and also requested the donation of platelets for the treatment he received at the clinic.

His music career 

The youngest of a family (Belliar) where all his brothers are musicians.

“Memín” composed songs and made musical arrangements and in addition to having his orchestra, he did recording work for many bachata and merengue groups, since he masterfully mastered several instruments such as guitar and bass.

For many years Yovanny Belliar was a musician for two great representatives of the bachata genre, Luis Vargas and Anthony Santos, groups where he played bass and guitar, after leaving the group he formed his own bachata orchestra.

They are his authorship, songs like “Que se alocó”, “Pa to perdío algo cogío”, “Bartolina”, “La Garganta”, among others.

Memín had residence in the United States in the Bronx, and also lived in a house in the Cienfuegos sector, located in the western part of this city, he had three children, one girl and two boys.

Great musical productions

In his musical career he was a recording musician of great musical productions by artists of the stature such as Romeo Santos, Zacarias Ferreira, Frank Reyes, Prince Royce among others.

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