Mariana Navarro, Daughter Of Actress Flor Trujillo, Dies

Through social networks, it was also the actress Gloria Mayo who confirmed the unfortunate news The entertainment world joined in condolences for the actress Flor Trujillo after the sensitive death of her daughter, Mariana Navarro, who this weekend lost the battle against Covid-19 at the age of 40.

The death of Mariana Navarro, who also worked in the performing arts in plays such as ‘Los tenis rojas’ and the musical group ‘Microchips’, was confirmed by the actress Gloria Mayo through social networks.

With a heartfelt message posted on her official Instagram account, Mayo fired the young woman with whom she said he had a close relationship since childhood thanks to the friendship that unites her with Flor Trujillo

“What great pain can a mother live who today loses her daughter, what words can give her consolation to move forward, when she is also the only daughter, I saw Mariana grow up and share in our children’s parties,” she noted.

In the text, Gloria Mayo expressed condolences to Flor Trujillo and regretted Mariana’s departure at such a young age, launching a strong message about how lethal the contagion of the virus that has been in a health emergency to the world for more than a year can be.

“Marianita had a lot to live for, she left too young and leaves many hearts like mine with a very strong pain God will receive her with open arms. FLY HIGH. The coronavirus also attacks young people. Flor Trujillo embraces you with my soul”, wrote.

According to the magazine TVNotas, Mariana Navarro underwent a kidney transplant a few years ago after being diagnosed with kidney failure. In addition, he reported on the initiative that several colleagues launched to support the actress Flor Trujillo with expenses, who has participated in productions such as ‘La rosa de Guadalupe’ and ‘Real-life cases’.

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